If you clicked on this page, maybe you are a little worried about the credentials of the service, or whether we actually do what we say we do – or perhaps you are just cautious about who you allow into your home while you’re not there.  All of these are valid concerns, which is why we offer you the chance to read our client testimonials on this page.

However, we also offer to put you directly in touch with a real person, who has actually used our service (probably more than once) via our client referencing system.

It would be easy for us to make up the comments below (which we didn’t by the way!) but we know that there is no substitute for talking to a real person who can vouch for us and the quality of our service.  So when you call or email please feel free to ask to speak to a client who has offered to be a reference and we will put you in touch with someone – or even several people – who will happily recommend our services.

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