Frequently Asked Questions

What about the security of my home?

We understand that security is an important issue whilst you are not in your home. Our sitters have all passed police and reference checks and have been through a thorough interview process. That way you know you can trust the person in your home. You also get to meet your sitter, so that you can feel relaxed you have left your home and pets in good hands. Having a sitter visit or stay in your home is also a great security measure while you’re away.

What happens if my pet gets sick?

All of our staff have had a lifetime of experience with animals, and some have also had veterinary experience. They understand the need for monitoring pets while you are away for signs of sickness (in fact it’s in their job description). If they do find that one of your pets is ill, they will contact your vet immediately. You will of course need to sign a release form to ensure that your vet is able to carry out emergency procedures while you’re away.

My pet has to take medication and/or has special requirements, can I still use At Home Pet Sitters?

That’s why we’re here! We are dedicated to finding the right solution for your pet care needs – we know that all pets have different requirements and our policy is to discuss these thoroughly with you before you go away so that you receive the best service that we can offer.

What if there is something I need to know about when I get back?

All of our sitters leave behind a note on their last visit before you return. This will tell you all that you need to know about your pets, their mood and behaviour, as well as any incidents that may have occurred. Your sitter will also leave a business card with his or her name on it, so that you can call us to ask them any specific questions you may have.

Do you have any insurance?

We have it covered. At Home Pet Sitters has full public liability cover, and all of our employees have workers compensation cover. However, we do our utmost, all the time, to ensure that we don’t need it.

How do I pay At Home Pet Sitters?

We will take your email address when you call us and will invoice you before you go – most people pay us by direct credit using internet banking. If you are unable to pay using the internet then we also accept cheques and credit card payments – please discuss this with us when you call.

Charges are payable immediately prior to your departure; or if you have a regular service, we ask you to pay a week in advance.

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