Why Pet Sitting?

Advantages of At Home Pet Sitters

  • Keep your pet in a home environment – either in familiar surroundings at your place or as part of the family at our place
  • No drop off or pick up at the kennels
  • Your pets eat their own food so no tummy upsets
  • Less stress for your pet
  • A cost effective option for owners of multiple pets
  • We can look after any household or hobby farm animals – including horses
  • Trustworthy and reliable sitters who have undergone thorough reference and police checks
  • Added security for your home whilst away
  • Meet your sitter and be completely relaxed that you have the right person looking after your pets
  • Dog walking solution for those who work long hours


How Does it Work?

Pet Minding/House Sitting

When you call us we will match you with a suitable sitter.  Then:

  • Your sitter will contact you and organise a time to come and meet you and your pets so that you can all get to know each other (this visit is free)
  • At the meeting you will have a chance to go through your requirements with your sitter. This gives us the opportunity to learn about you, your pets and any special circumstances you might have
  • Before you go away for the first time, we will ask you to sign a vet release form, giving us permission to take your pet(s) to the vet in the event of an emergency
  • We will also ask you how you would like us to handle your house keys while you’re gone (if applicable)
  • Then that’s it! When you call us again, we will have all of your details on file for the next time you need us
  • We endeavor to have the same pet sitter look after your pet each time you use us, making life easier for you and allowing your pets to become familiar and comfortable with their carer

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