About Us

At Home Pet Sitters was founded by Christina Urso-Cale in 2005. Urso-Cale was one of the pioneers of pet minding in Tasmania – at the time there were no other businesses doing what she was doing. Over the years many similar businesses have come and gone, but AHPS has remained strong, largely due to the honesty, integrity and ethos associated with the business, as well as its resultant loyal client base.

In early 2013, Urso-Cale was ready to move on to other things and At Home Pet Sitters was taken over by an existing, long-time client – me!!

I have had a lifelong love of animals and their happiness and well-being. I grew up with dogs, rabbits, budgies, cockatiels, chickens, ducks, sheep, cows and, of course, fish and hermit crabs! I continued to own rabbits and dogs right up until my partner and I moved to Tasmania in 2009. At the moment, we just have our 2 dogs (Archie the eager-to-please energiser dog & Jess the lazy smooch) and our adopted guinea pig, “Pig”, who belongs to our house mate.

For those of you wanting more solid qualifications, I have completed a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Animal Sciences (including Zoology, Animal Ecology, Animal Nutrition, Animal Structure and Function, Mammology, Entomology and Animal Immunology and Parasitology).

Whilst at University, I also worked at a Wildlife Park, where I regularly fed, watered, medicated, cleaned up after and generally cared for a range of native mammals, reptiles and birds.

Recently I have completed:

* Petsaver Pet CPR, 1st Aid & care course – run by Pet Tech Australia

* Chicken Camp with Terry Ryan

* Introductory clicker training with Aidan Bindoff

* Foundation & advanced courses in canine behaviour & communication run by Jan Fennell International Dog Listeners Ltd

I have done these courses primarily for my own interest and information – I do not pretend to be a professional canine behaviourist or trainer.

I hope to complete more courses that may be helpful to my work and AHPS clients in the future.

For those of you who are clients of Jade Fountain, Katrina Ward, Aidan Bindoff, Kim Robertson & Merry Conway: I am more than happy to follow specific instructions on how you wish me to interact with your pets in order to help you reach the goals you’ve set with them and others.


I look forward to meeting you and caring/falling for your lovely animals.

Christina  xx

Giant bunnies Ned and Bonnie

“Birdie” (yes, I know, very original!)

Arch doing what he does best – no ball escapes him!

Princess Jess doing what SHE does best – why would you move if you don’t absolutely have to??!!




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